A Guide to Feasting at Fengchia Night Market in Taichung

A guide to Fenchia Night Market (Fengjia Night Market) in Taichung, Taiwan

Fengchia Night Market (逢甲夜市), also spelled Feng Chia, Fengjia or Feng Jia Night Market, is by far the most famous of the many night markets in Taichung, Taiwan. In fact, claims have even been made that it is the largest night market in Taiwan. This is difficult to verify. But there’s no doubt that it’s …

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How to Binge Eat Your Way Through Keelung Night Market

What to eat at Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Keelung Night Market (also called Miaokou Night Market) is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan and by far the most popular of Keelung’s attractions. Many visitors, including myself, say it is their favorite night market in the whole country. Even Anthony Bourdain ate here when he visited Taiwan in 2013! It’s easy …

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The Best Cat Cafes in Taipei, the Birthplace of Cat Cafe Culture

The best cat cafe in Taiwan

Did you know that the world’s first cat café was opened in Taipei, Taiwan? Cats & Dog Café (now “Kitten Coffee Garden”) first opened in 1998. Their concept was simple: let customers be surrounded by fury felines while enjoying their sipping coffee or enjoying a light meal. It wasn’t until 2004 that Japan took notice …

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What to Eat at Addiction Aquatic Development, Taipei’s Seafood Mecca

A guide to Taipei's Addiction Aquatic Development, which has the best sushi in Taipei

While their English name might be a little awkward, one thing is certain: anyone who is “addicted” to seafood will surely love Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產) in Taipei. AAD is part luxury supermarket and part high-end fish market, plus about half a dozen dining options, from ultra gourmet meals suitable for a date to budget-friendly …

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Anping Old Street (& other things to do in Anping, Tainan)

things to do in anping, taiwan

Anping Old Street (安平老街) in Anping District of Tainan City is sometimes called “Taiwan’s First Street”, as it is the center one of the oldest merchant areas in the country. It is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Tainan for foodies and those interested in the early history of Taiwan. Today, tourists …

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Shenkeng Old Street: A Food Tour of Taipei’s Stinky Tofu Village

Shenkeng Old Street in Taipei, Taiwan

Shenkeng (深坑區) is a district of New Taipei City, adjacent to Nangang and Muzha districts of southeastern Taipei City. Shenkeng means “deep pit”, after the coal mines once active in the area. Today, Shenkeng is practically synonymous with tofu, and it is considered the tofu capital of Taiwan. It is especially famous for stinky tofu, …

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