Visiting Global Tea Hut: Zen and the Art of Cha Dao

Global Tea Hut Taiwan

After I wrote an article introducing tea in Taiwan in 2016, I was contacted by representatives from several Taiwanese tea-related companies and organizations. One of these was Sam, one of three permanent residents at Global Tea Hut (國際茶亭)’s headquarters Tea Sage Hut (通聖亭) in Miaoli (苗栗), a small county capital in Central-Western Taiwan. At first …

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Wenshan Hot Spring: Taroko Gorge’s Spectacular Secret

Wenshan Hot Spring, Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

One of the great secrets of Taiwan that few visitors are aware of is the remains of Taroko Gorge‘s Wenshan Hot Spring (文山溫泉, also sometimes spelled Wunshan Hot Spring or Taroko National Park Hot Springs), located in Xiulin township, Hualien County. The awe-inspiring scenery, hidden location within a famous national park, and relative inaccessibility of …

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Jiufen Old Street: A Fulfilling Day Trip from Taipei

A guide to Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan

Jiufen (Jioufen), a mountaintop former gold mining town on the northeast coast of Taiwan, is one of the most popular day trips from Taipei. Visitors flock to Jiufen Old Street because it encapsulates the best of Taiwan in one small package: rich history, atmospheric lanes and teahouses, breathtaking views, and distinctly Taiwanese snacks at every …

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10 Jaw-Dropping Myanmar Temples

Top Myanmar temples and pagodas header

This article was contributed by Monique Skidmore, award winning anthropologist, writer Tripanthropologist, and Myanmar expert. See her full bio at the end.   There are so many beautiful and unusual temples or pagodas in Myanmar (Burma) that choosing which to visit can be quite the challenge. As one of the most devoutly Buddhist places on …

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