Thailand vs. Taiwan: What’s the Difference?

Thailand or Taiwan: which should you visit? And what's the difference between them?

Having lived, worked, and traveled extensively in both Taiwan and Thailand, I’m writing this article to make some subjective and objective comparisons between them. My wife is Taiwanese, I’ve lived in Taiwan for over a decade, and our kids have been born and raised there. But whenever we travel to my home in Canada or …

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35 Southeast Asian Temples You Have to See in Your Lifetime

Introducing some of the most beautiful Asian temples located in Southeast Asia

One of the most enticing draws of Southeast Asia is the abundance of mesmerizingly gorgeous temples dotting the landscape. Shimmering with gold, dominating cityscapes, beckoning the masses to devotion – Southeast Asian temples are testaments the region’s rich colonial history, cultural diversity, religious syncretism, and piousness of its people.    In this article I have …

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