Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner (老外愛台灣)

Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner (老外愛台灣), a book by Nick Kembel about traveling and teaching English in Taiwan

Published in 2011, Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner (老外愛台灣) describes my first two years living and teaching English in Taiwan, which is considered one of the best countries to teach English.

Ideal for people who are considering traveling or moving to Taiwan, the book provides a general outline of Taiwanese history and culture, from geological formation to modern day trends like betel nut girls, cosplay, and toilet-themed restaurants.

In this light, highly personal, and humorous work, I contrast my punk rock youth with Confucian values, discuss Taiwan’s culture of convenience, and touch on controversial issues like the special treatment received by Western male expats.

The book is 100% bilingual, in English and traditional Mandarin, and includes over 100 color photos, illustrations, and poetry.

Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner has been recommended by Lonely Planet Taiwan author Joshua Samuel Brown.


2020 Note: My book is not longer in print. I don’t have any additional copies for sale, but you may be able to track one down online or in bookstores in Taiwan.