25 Fun (& WEIRD) Things to Do in Ximending, Taipei

Things to do in Ximending Night Market Taipei

Step foot in Ximending (西門町) and you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve been teleported to Japan. That’s why people call Ximending the “Shinjuku of Taipei.” Ximen is a daytime and evening pedestrian shopping area with a high concentration of hip, funky, and outright weird things goin’ on (think maid cafes, claw machines, knife massages, …

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Alishan, Taiwan: A Super Detailed 2023 Guide

A guide to Alishan National Scenic Area in Alishan Taiwan

Alishan (阿里山 or Mt. Ali) is one of Taiwan’s top attractions and its most famous mountain resort. A large part of visitors try to include Alishan on their Taiwan itinerary, but it usually proves to be the most complicated in terms of planning, especially getting there. That’s why I’ve written this huge post and separate …

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A Guide to Feasting at Fengchia Night Market in Taichung

A guide to Fenchia Night Market (Fengjia Night Market) in Taichung, Taiwan

Fengchia Night Market (逢甲夜市), also spelled Feng Chia, Fengjia or Feng Jia Night Market, is by far the most famous of the many night markets in Taichung, Taiwan. In fact, claims have even been made that it is the largest night market in Taiwan. This is difficult to verify. But there’s no doubt that it’s …

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Cycling Brown Boulevard in Chishang, Taitung

Cycling on Brown Boulevard in Chishang, Taitung

Chishang (池上 or Ikegami in the local aboriginal language) is a rural township in northern Taitung, a remote but highly scenic county in the southeastern corner of Taiwan. Chishang features quintessential East Rift Valley scenery, with picturesque rice paddies between the inland and coastal mountain ranges, making it one of the most beautiful places to …

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(2023) How to Get to Alishan from Taipei, Chiayi, Sun Moon Lake

Alishan, Taiwan

Alishan is one of Taiwan’s most popular attractions, along with Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge. It is famous for its sunrises over seas of clouds, cherry blossoms, misty forests, and high mountain teas. However, getting to Alishan, and getting around the park once you get there, IS COMPLICATED! So it’s something you should plan …

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22 Fun Things to Do in Keelung, Northern Taiwan’s Port City

A guide the best things to do in Keelung City, Taiwan

Keelung (基隆 or Jilong in Mandarin, but pronounced more like Keelung in the Taiwanese language) is a city on the northeast coast of Taiwan and part of the Greater Taipei-Keelung Metropolitan Area. It is built around Northern Taiwan’s largest port, and second largest in the country after Kaohsiung Port. Keelung is a relatively small city …

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How to Binge Eat Your Way Through Keelung Night Market

What to eat at Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Keelung Night Market (also called Miaokou Night Market) is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan and by far the most popular of Keelung’s attractions. Many visitors, including myself, say it is their favorite night market in the whole country. Even Anthony Bourdain ate here when he visited Taiwan in 2013! It’s easy …

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Taipei Fun Pass: Is it Worth the Money?

Find out whether the Taipei Fun Pass and Taipei Unlimted Fun Pass are worth it

In recent years, travel passes have become a big thing around the world, and Taipei is no exception. Besides choosing where to stay in Taipei, travelers to Taiwan now have to decide whether they should get the Taipei Fun Pass while planning their trip. There are actually a few pass choices, with the most popular …

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50 Unmissable Things to Do in Taipei: The Ultimate 2022 Guide

A super detailed Taipei travel guide for planning all types of travel to Taipei

Taiwan’s bustling, vivacious, food-loving capital has something for everyone. Whether you will travel to Taipei to indulge in the city’s complex history, creative arts, traditional temples, unrivaled nature, or perhaps you just eat your heart out at world-renowned night markets, this city’s got you covered. After living in Taipei for over a decade, there’s no …

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