Should You Bother Visiting Cingjing Farm in Nantou, Taiwan?

A shepherd and sheep top face a herd of sheep on a grassy hill

After living in Taiwan for over 10 years and exploring the country inside and out, I finally decided to visit Cingjing Farm (清境農場 or Qingjing Nongchang) in the high mountains of Nantou county. It is one of the country’s most famous family-oriented tourist attractions. Honestly, my expectations were quite low. I’d already researched the hell …

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The 20 Best Hot Springs in Taiwan for a Blissful Winter Soak

20 of the best hot springs in Taiwan

The island of Taiwan sits on a collision zone between two tectonic plates. As a result, it has one of the highest concentrations of thermal hot springs in the world. In fact, there are at least 100 major hot springs in Taiwan and many smaller ones! While Taiwanese aboriginals had been aware of the springs, …

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50+ Fun Things to Do in Yilan, Taiwan

Find 40 things to do in Yilan in this detailed guide to Yilan Taiwan

Yilan County is the 5th largest of Taiwan’s 13 counties and home to about half a million people. It is located in the northeast of Taiwan. Most of the things to do in Yilan are located on the rice-paddy-covered Yilan (Lanyang) Plain, where the main towns of Jiaoxi, Yilan City, and Luodong are located. South …

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20 Best Night Markets in Taipei (+ What To Eat at Each One!)

Best Taipei night markets

Taipei’s night markets offer the quintessential eating experience in Taiwan. In many ways, they are the embodiment of Taiwanese popular culture. Snacking and walking is truly a national pastime in this food-obsessed country! What mostly started as small collections of food stalls in front of temples or at street corners around 100 years ago have …

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Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in September 2023

September is the final month of summer in Taiwan, but with average temperatures a few degrees lower than July and August, it is definitely more bearable. By the end of September, I would even call it pleasantly warm, and one of the best times to visit Taiwan of the whole year. The Mid-Autumn Festival (popularly …

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Alishan High Mountain Tea: The Champagne of Taiwan Oolongs

A worker on a field where Alishan tea is grown

Taiwan’s oolong teas are so good that they have been described as the “champagne of tea.” In recent decades, Alishan High Mountain tea has stood out from the crowd as the most sought after of Taiwan’s impressive array of teas. In fact, my (Taiwanese) father-in-law, an avid tea drinker, turns his nose up at anything …

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15 Awesome Things to Do on Galiano Island, BC

Galiano Island BC things to do

Galiano Island is the closest of the Southern Gulf Islands to Vancouver city in British Columbia. That’s right – day tripping distance! Yet, this long and skinny island, with a mere population of 1400, somehow remains relatively crowd-free and far lesser known that Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island. Galiano features crushed white shell beaches, …

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Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in August 2023

A guide for traveling to Taipei in August or things to do in Taiwan in August

August in Taiwan is characterized by hot & sweaty days. Along with July, it is the peak of summer in Taiwan, but if you’ve been in the county for the months leading up to August, you may feel more used to it by then. By the end of August, the temperatures finally start to drop …

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17 Stunning Waterfalls Near(ish) Edmonton

The best waterfalls near Edmonton, Alberta

I’m afraid to break the news to you. There are no waterfalls in Edmonton (unless you count that fake waterfall they used to have off the High Level Bridge on Canada Day). And it gets worse…There are no waterfalls “near” Edmonton. You are going to have to drive at least a few hours, OK? But …

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