Have you ever experieced a moment of pure bliss while traveling, or perhaps felt a deeper sense of connection to a place and/or its people? Regardless of what one's beliefs are, traveling is one of the best ways to experience the raw beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world and all living things.

"Spiritual travel" does not mean "religious travel." It can be anything from mindfulness and breath awareness while visiting places with high sacred or natural energy to incorporating yoga or meditation into your daily travel routine. Spiritual travel can also mean practicing compassion, eating healthy, reducing one's carbon footprint, and developing deeper connections with those we encounter on the road. I intend to explore all of these topics here, so please subscribe if any of this sounds interesting to you!

Nick Kembel doing meditation in a cave at Sandiaoling Waterfall, Taiwan

Why "Spiritual Travel"?

The purpose of this website is to inspire and be inspired. My name is Nick Kembel (see my full bio here) and I'd like to share some of my more meaningful experiences from over a decade of travels, give tips about meditative travel and visiting sacred places, and encourage others to use my website to share any similar experiences. If you'd like to contribute a story about a moment of zen on the road, a favorite spiritual destination, a yoga or meditation experience, or anything you can think of, please get in touch!

I've been living in Taiwan for eight years now. I've written a book about my experiences and I write for several Taiwan-based magazines. So I also use this website to share lots of information about traveling in Taiwan!

20% of all proceeds from my book Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner and travel photography sales are donated to the Salaam Baalak Trust, a non-profit organization helping street kids in India.

Who am I and what's this website for?

Giving something back

My spiritual and Buddhist-themed photography is available on my Society6 account, including framed prints, laptop skins, iPhone cases, and more! 20% of proceeds go to charity.

A guide to traveling the east coast of Taiwan

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