I'm Nick, a writer-photographer and self-professed travel addict (full bio here). I hope the tips and stories on this site will inspire and help YOU to travel MORE!

My obsession has taken me to 45 countries, and I've been living in Taiwan for the last 10 years.

I'm especially interested in "spiritual" sights, from temples and pilgrimages to centers of the great faiths and places of immense natural beauty.

I also practice a traveler's meditation and I'm a tea lover.

I've got a book about Taiwan and photography for sale, and I donate a % of my earnings to charity.

Read on and join me on this great journey of interconnection and self-discovery!

Travel is an awakening

Every breath is a journey

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21 March 2018

The Kumano Kodo is a network of pilgrimage trails that connect various Shinto-Buddhist religious sites in the mountainous Kii Peninsula south of Osaka and Nagoya. read more

20 March 2018

The Kumano Sanzan are the headquarters of the Shinto Kumano cult, which includes over 3000 temples across Japan, while the Ise Grand Shrine is the most important Shinto temple in Japan. read more  

5 March 2018

I'm writing this post as a throwback to a decade ago, and to recall one of my first and most incredible experiences in China: climbing and spending a night on the peak of Tai Shan, China's most sacred peak. read more  

31 March 2016

When asking which part of Taiwan they should visit on their 1-2 week trip, there is no denying that the east coast boasts a vast, sparsely populated coastline of unparalleled beauty.  read more

19 January 2017

For many, "meditation" conjures up images of cave-dwelling ascetics or posh retreats in Bali. But meditation comes in many forms, and doesn't necessarily require isolation or silence. read more

9 March 2016

II've been living in Taiwan for nearly eight years and I've become addicted to all kinds of Taiwanese foods and drinks, but it wasn't until last year that I first developed a true appreciation for Taiwanese tea. read more