Getting from Taipei to Jiufen and Shifen (with pictures and times)

How to get to Jiufen, Jinguashi, Shifen watefall from Taipei

Jiufen (九份 or Jioufen) is one of the most popular day trips from Taipei and one of the top things to do in Taiwan. To learn more about why everyone loves this charming little mountaintop village so much, see my detailed guide to Jiufen Old Street. Getting to Jiufen from Taipei is very easy, but …

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7 Beaches around Taipei You Can’t Miss

The best Taipei beaches and Taiwan beaches

One of the many, many reasons to visit Taiwan is that is really close some incredible beaches. This comes as no major surprise, since there is no point on this island nation of Taiwan that is more than 110 kilometers from the sea. Below I’ve selected the best beaches in Taipei. To be clear, none …

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30 Jaw-Dropping Temples in Taipei and New Taipei City

The top temples in Taipei, Taiwan header

I’ve been living in Taiwan since 2008, and I’ve always loved exploring and photographing the incredible array breathtaking temples in Taipei and surrounding New Taipei City. In recent years, I’ve traveled to several neighboring countries to visit and write about their temples (for example, see my articles on the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia, …

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A Day Trip to Yingge Old Street, Taiwan’s Pottery Capital

Yingge, Taiwan is the country’s undisputed center of pottery and ceramics, and one of the most interesting day trips from Taipei for anyone interested in ceramics and the arts. Taiwanese ceramics range from perfect renditions of ancient Chinese styles to creative, modern innovations. For a country that is one of the world’s great producers of …

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Finding Peace at the Museum of World Religions Taipei

Museum of World Religions Taipei

Museums have never really been my thing. I lived in Taipei for five years before I ever stepped foot in the National Palace Museum, one of the most important museums in the Chinese-speaking world. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the comparatively small Museum of World Religions Taipei (世界宗教博物館), the only …

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A Food Tour of Burma Street in Zhonghe, New Taipei City

Burma Street (Mandarin: 緬甸街) goes by many names. Myanmar Street is derived from the country’s official name today, while many still prefer the Southeast Asian nation’s former name, Burma. The actual street in Zhonghe, a crowded district of New Taipei City, is called Huaxin Street (華新街), while the New Taipei City government officially goes with …

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