40+ Fun Things to Do in Red Deer, Alberta

Places to visit and things to do in Red Deer Alberta

Red Deer is Alberta’s third largest city. Located almost exactly halfway between Edmonton­ and Calgary, it has for much of its history been considered an important stopping point between the two. The local indigenous Cree people named the Red Deer River, after which the city is named, Waskasoo Seepee, or Elk River, the elk sometimes …

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40+ Awesome Things to Do in Waterton Lakes National Park

A guide to things to do in Waterton Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park is one of the most bucket-list worthy things to do in Alberta, Canada’s most beautiful province. The park occupies the southwestern corner of Alberta and is often overshadowed by Alberta’s two larger Rocky Mountain national parks to the north, Banff and Jasper. Waterton offers everything that Jasper and Banff do, but …

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22 Unmissable Things to Do in Jasper in Winter

A detailed guide to Jasper in winter

Skating on frozen lakes, climbing walls of ice, exploring icy canyons, or gazing at snowy peaks from a hot tub – Canada’s Jasper National Park is abundant in life-changing experiences in winter. Growing up in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Jasper in winter nearly every year since I was …

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15 Stunning, Easy-to-Reach Lakes in Banff National Park

The most beautiful and best lakes in Banff that are easily to reach

Banff National Park is the first, and to this day most popular of Alberta’s and Canada’s national parks. Dotting the park’s majestic landscape is a series of lakes so vibrantly turquoise in color that one can’t help but wonder whether Parks Canada is secretly dumping powdered paint into them at night to attract the masses …

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15 Stunning, Easy-to-Reach Lakes in Jasper National Park

One of the most beautiful Jasper National Park Lakes

Jasper National Park is the second-most visited of Alberta’s five national parks. But compared to its more popular cousin to the south (Banff), Jasper is nearly twice as large, and every bit as beautiful, making it one of the most compelling places to visit in Alberta. You may notice that there seems to be jaw-dropping …

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5 Awe-Inspiring National Parks in Alberta

Of Canada’s 38 national parks, four of them are located in Alberta, and another is shared between Alberta and the Northwest Territories. These five Alberta national parks preserve some 63,000 square kilometers of wilderness space, an area larger than the country of Croatia, and four out of five of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. …

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Alberta Bucket List: 50+ EPIC Things to do in Alberta

Me lying on some ice bubbles at Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada

Alberta is Canada’s most geographically diverse, and in my opinion, most beautiful province. Typically classified a “prairie province”, it offers so much more than that, from the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains and vast boreal forests to unending grasslands and arid, dinosaur fossil-bearing badlands. Alberta’s scenic bounties and abundance of wildlife are the pride …

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