A Guide to Dulan, Taitung: Taiwan’s Coolest Beach Hangout

Dulan Beach Taitung Taiwan

If you’re traveling down Highway 11 on Taiwan’s east coast from Hualien to Taitung looking for good surf, want to hang out with artists, or just seeking an antidote to nearby Kenting’s resort scene, Dulan is your spot. Dulan is located in a remote and very beautiful corner of Taiwan, but even from Taipei, you …

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Cycling Brown Boulevard in Chishang, Taitung

Cycling on Brown Boulevard in Chishang, Taitung

Chishang (池上 or Ikegami in the local aboriginal language) is a rural township in northern Taitung, a remote but highly scenic county in the southeastern corner of Taiwan. Chishang features quintessential East Rift Valley scenery, with picturesque rice paddies between the inland and coastal mountain ranges, making it one of the most beautiful places to …

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30 Incredible Things to Do in Taitung, the Rice Basket of Taiwan

The best things to do in Taitung and other Taitung attractions

Remote Taitung (台東 or Taidong) in the southeastern corner of Taiwan is a region of stunning beauty, especially along the coast and the inland East Rift Valley. Picture deserted beaches, colorful hot springs, and vistas of rice paddies backed by mountains – now you’re in Taitung. Taitung was one of the last regions of Taiwan …

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Wulai Hot Spring, Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide

Wulai Hot Spring in Wulai, Taiwan

Wulai (烏來, Tayal language: Ulay, which means ‘hot spring’) is the largest district of New Taipei City, but only has around 6000 residents, by far the lowest population density. Officially the only “mountain indigenous district” of New Taipei City, it is home to the closest aboriginal Taiwanese village to Taipei City. There are many reasons …

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25 Unique Things to Do in Taichung, Taiwan

The best things to do in Taichung Taiwan

When I first moved to Taiwan in 2008, the most recent edition of Lonely Planet Taiwan described Taichung as “hardly a must-see for the short-term visitor.” A lot has changed since then, and in recent years more and more travelers have been coming to Taiwan with Taichung in a top spot on their Taiwan itinerary! …

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A 2023 Guide to Taroko Gorge and National Park

Taroko Gorge Taiwan

Taroko Gorge, named after the Truku or Taroko aboriginal tribe, is one of Taiwan’s premier scenic attractions. Few visit without being blown away by its sheer magnificence and raw natural beauty. It is the star attraction of Hualien, Taiwan’s largest county, on the wild and visually stunning east coast. For many visitors to Taiwan with …

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25 Amusement Parks in Taiwan: The Best & Worst

The best Taiwan amusement parks, theme parks, and waterparks

While you won’t find any Disneyland in Taiwan, the country has some surprisingly good amusement parks, theme parks, and waterparks. Whether you are living in Taiwan, traveling around the country with kids, or just happen to love amusement parks, you’ll find a dozen or so worthwhile ones spread across the country. Some are connected to …

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Tea in Taiwan: A Super Detailed Guide

Tea in Taiwan: the best of Taiwanese tea

I’ll be covering a lot in this article, including varieties of Taiwanese tea, how to order tea from Taiwan, where to buy tea in Taipei and Taiwan, Taipei tea houses, how to brew Taiwanese tea, tea tours in Taipei, and tea-related attractions around Taiwan. Get a pencil and notepad ready! I’ve been living in Taiwan …

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