Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in July 2022

Ready for some serious heat? July in Taiwan is the hottest and sunniest month of the year. Be prepared to sweat, and to duck into every 7-Eleven you pass for an air-conditioned moment of respite. Although most Taiwanese fear the sun (“fear” is the word they really use), the Taiwanese summer is still the time …

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Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in May 2022

A guide to Taiwan in Spring and Taiwan in Spring

Is May a good time to visit Taiwan? Sure, why not! May is the peak of spring in Taiwan, with rising temperatures foreshadowing the summer heat that is just around the corner. The Plum Rain monsoon usually arrives in Taipei in the first half of May, bringing moderate rain for days on end. The rains …

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Wenshan Hot Spring: Taroko Gorge’s Spectacular Secret

Wenshan Hot Spring, Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

One of Taiwan’s hidden gems is Taroko Gorge‘s Wenshan Hot Spring (文山溫泉, also sometimes spelled Wunshan Hot Spring or Taroko National Park Hot Springs), located in Xiulin township of visually stunning Hualien County. The awe-inspiring scenery, hidden location within a famous national park, and relative inaccessibility of this Hualien hot spring make it, in my …

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Enlighten Your Journey Detail-packed travel guides, spiritual sights, and kid-friendly destinations around the globe by Canadian writer-photographer Nick Kembel. As Seen In Hey, I’m Nick! I’ve always been drawn to the religious centers and spiritual sights of the world. After years of backpacking, I now call two places home: Edmonton, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan. When I’m not …

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6 Beaches around Taipei You Can’t Miss

The best Taipei beaches and Taiwan beaches

One of the many, many reasons to love Taipei is that is really close some incredible beaches. This comes as no major surprise, since there is no point on this island nation of Taiwan that is more than 110 kilometers from the sea. Below I’ve selected the six best beaches in Taipei. To be clear, …

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Alishan Tea: The Champagne of Taiwan Oolongs

A worker on a field where Alishan tea is grown

Taiwan’s oolong teas are so good that they have been described as the “champagne of tea.” In recent decades, Alishan High Mountain tea has stood out from the crowd as the most sought after of Taiwan’s impressive array of teas. In fact, my (Taiwanese) father-in-law, an avid tea drinker, turns his nose up at anything …

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Sun Moon Lake Tours: How to Choose the Best One for You

Sun Moon Lake Pass

Sun Moon Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan and should definitely be included on your Taiwan itinerary if you hope to spend some time in stunningly beautiful surroundings on your Taiwan trip. Below I will compare Sun Moon Lake tour options provided by two different popular tour websites, GetYourGuide and …

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