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Spiritual Travels, a website by Nick Kembel
Spiritual Travels, a website by Nick Kembel
Nick Kembel, creator of Spiritual Travels

Hey! I'm Nick

I first left home with a backpack in 2001, traveled to 50 countries, and I've been living in Taiwan for the last 10 years. I am especially drawn to the religious centers, sacred pilgrimages, and natural wonders of the world.

Besides 'spiritual travels', my passions include travel in East Asia, Taiwanese teas, and traveling with kids.  

I'm a 'settled backpacker', published author & photographer, and father of two.  

travel is an awakening...



19 January 2017

For many, "meditation" conjures up images of cave-dwelling ascetics or posh retreats in Bali. But meditation comes in many forms, and doesn't necessarily require isolation or silence. read more

Tea in Taiwan

9 March 2016

II've been living in Taiwan for nearly eight years and I've become addicted to all kinds of Taiwanese foods and drinks, but it wasn't until last year that I first developed a true appreciation for Taiwanese tea. read more  

Spiritual Travel & Photography by Nick Kembel

27 April 2018

There are already as many “best views of Mount Fuji” LISTS as there are claimed best places to see Mt. Fuji. Personally, I don't think any single one is best, but for this list, I have focused on... read more

Best Views of Mt. Fuji

8 June 2018

Pilgrimage is act of devotion. In many religions, these sacred walks are prescribed, even considered a must in one's lifetime, and followers from all of world's major faiths make holy pilgrimages. read more

Travel Pilgrimages

Spiritual Travels

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2 November 2018

Quirky Japanese theme park? Cultural-historical oddity? Full-on tourist trap? Awesomely freaky place to spend the night? It's hard to sum up the Xitou Monster Village in just a few words... read more

8 November 2018

If you were to make a list of the top “instagrammable” spots in Taiwan, the Rainbow Village Taichung might just be first on the list. While the colorful walls of this small collection of dilapidated houses... read more

14 November 2018

When most people think of tea in Thailand, they envision sweet, milky, bizarrely orange-colored “Thai iced tea.” But there's more to Thai tea than that. Curious to learn more, I... read more