buying ceramics in Yingge, Taiwan

8 May 2016

In order to put my new favorite tea to the ultimate test, I've decided to take extreme measures. I am going to carry out a trial on the pickiest, most captious food and drink critic that I know: my Taiwanese father-in-law. read more

9 June 2016

Yingge is Taiwan's undisputed center of ceramics. For a country that is a great producer of quality, artisanal teas, that makes Yingge a sort of Mecca for tea enthusiasts who are searching for ideal teaware. read more  

Dong Ding oolong tea vs. Alishan Oolong Tea

29 February 2016

Taiwan produces some of the finest wulong teas in the world, and the more I learn about the different varieties and subtle differences between them, the more I find myself becoming obsessed with tea. read more

Tea in Taiwan
Global Tea Hut, Taiwan

26 April 2016

The teas Global Tea Hut mails out are all organic and contributed by farmers that practice environmentally friendly growing methods. Many of them are “living teas,” which means... read more  

Ruby red #18 tea
Oolong tea hot spring

21 April 2016

As a keen tea and hot spring enthusiast, I was thrilled to find that one of my favorite hot spring spas in Taiwan now has a tea scented tub. read more  

26 Aug 2018

I recently stayed in Luye for the first time, to take my kids to the incredible Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival. I was so impressed that I've written this whole post just for Luye and the Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival!   read more

25 Oct 2018

While many of Taiwan's tea growing regions do produce a limited amount of black tea, Sun Moon Lake is practically synonymous with black tea in Taiwan. In this article, I'll cover the history of Sun Moon Lake black tea... read more

11 Sept 2018

The Alishan National Scenic Area is renowned for its famed Alishan sunrises over seas of clouds, small gauge Alishan Forest Railway, and Taiwan's most sought after teas. read more

14 November 2018

When most people think of tea in Thailand, they envision sweet, milky, bizarrely orange-colored “Thai iced tea.” But there's more to Thai tea than that. Curious to learn more, I... read more