The gorgeous south east coast of Taiwan

15 June 2018

Wondering how to plan your Taipei 3-day itinerary? Well, you've come to the right spot! Taipei in 3 days is just the right amount of time to spend if you're visiting Taiwan for 1-2 weeks. read more

22 February 2017

Let's continue from Hualien along coast, including both of the parallel highways #9 and #11,  Green and Orchid Islands, and finally terminating in idyllic Kenting National Park. read more  

Taroko Gorge Taiwan


Shopping for ceramics in Yingge, Taiwan

29 February 2016

Taiwan produces some of the finest wulong teas in the world, and the more I learn about the different varieties and subtle differences between them, the more I find myself becoming obsessed with tea. read more

9 June 2016

Yingge is Taiwan's undisputed center of ceramics. For a country that is a great producer of quality, artisanal teas, that makes Yingge a sort of Mecca for tea enthusiasts who are searching for ideal teaware. read more  

Tea in Taiwan

12 April 2016

For years Wenshan Hot Spring was blocked with several fences; one in particular in a tunnel on the trail down from the highway was nearly impossible to get around. But now... read more

Wenshan hot spring, Taroko Gorge
Global Tea Hut, Taiwan

31 March 2016

When asking which part of Taiwan they should visit on their 1-2 week trip, there is no denying that the east coast boasts a vast, sparsely populated coastline of unparalleled beauty.  read more

Gorgeous East Coast Taiwan

20 April 2018

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan, sometimes called the Taiwanese Grand Canyon, is the country's premier scenic attraction and the best place to visit in Taiwan to experience some dramatic nature... read more

Taroko Gorge Taiwan

25 May 2018

My son Sage is four and daughter Lavender is two. Together with my wife Emily, who is Taiwanese, we have been exploring Taipei since well before they were born. This list of things to do in Taipei... read more

Taroko Gorge Taiwan

30 May 2018

So you've booked your trip to Taiwan, and you've set aside two days for Taipei. Good! Two full days is really the bare minimum you need to squeeze in the best that this mesmerizing, food-obsessed... read more

Taroko Gorge Taiwan

21 July 2018

If you are reading this, then I probably don't have to convince you to include a Taipei night market when making your Taipei itinrary. You already know they are a must! read more

Taroko Gorge Taiwan

19 Aug 2018

This tiny town lining highway 11 in Taitung County has been a haven for artists, both local and expat, for over a decade now, but the word is out and the scene is no longer the secret it once was.   read more

26 Aug 2018

I recently stayed in Luye for the first time, to take my kids to the incredible Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival. I was so impressed that I've written this whole post just for Luye and the Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival!   read more

11 Sept 2018

The Alishan National Scenic Area is renowned for its famed Alishan sunrises over seas of clouds, small gauge Alishan Forest Railway, and Taiwan's most sought after teas. read more

10 Sept 2018

Alishan is one of Taiwan's most popular natural attractions, along with Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge. Getting there is not super complicated, but does require some planning.   read more

19 Sept 2018

Taiwan is one of the best cities in Asia for traveling or living with kids. I also consistently here positive reports from other parents who visited or live in Taiwan with children. read more

30 Sept 2018

Step foot in Ximending Taipei and you could be forgiven for thinking you've been teleported to Japan. That's why people call Ximen, officially the “Ximending Youth Shopping District,” the Shinjuku of Taipei. read more

30 Sept 2018

What might seem like a modern trend, knife massage actually goes back well over 2000 years to the Spring and Autumn period, when it was performed by Buddhist monks as an alternative form of healing. read more

12 Oct 2018

Wondering where to eat in Ximending, the funkiest neighborhood in Taipei? You've come to the right place! Below I'll cover the best Ximending food, from street eats to proper restaurants... read more

Ximending food

19 Oct 2018

Sun Moon Lake‭, Nantou ‬is Taiwan's largest lake‭ ‬and‭,‬‭ ‬with 6‭ ‬million visitors a year‭, ‬also‭ ‬one of the country's‭ ‬most popular scenic attractions‭, ‬along with Alishan and Taroko Gorge‭. read more

Travel Pilgrimages

23 Oct 2018

If you are going to Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, you can save some money by getting the Sun Moon Lake Pass, or "Sun Moon Lake Package", which has many different options... read more

25 Oct 2018

When it comes to Taiwanese tea, oolongs like Alishan High Mountain Tea, Dong Ding, and Oriental Beauty are internationally renowned, but fewer people are aware that the country also produces... read more

30 Oct 2018

Below I will compare Sun Moon Lake tour options provided by two different popular tour websites, GetYourGuide and Klook. I will analyze a few well-reviewed Sun Moon Lake tours... read more

2 Nov 2018

Quirky Japanese theme park? Cultural-historical oddity? Full-on tourist trap? Awesomely freaky place to spend the night? It's hard to sum up the Xitou Monster Village in just a few words... read more

8 November 2018

If you were to make a list of the top “instagrammable” spots in Taiwan, the Rainbow Village Taichung might just be first on the list. While the colorful walls of this small collection of dilapidated houses... read more