The gorgeous south east coast of Taiwan

20 April 2018

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan, sometimes called the Taiwanese Grand Canyon, is the country's premier scenic attraction and the best place to visit in Taiwan to experience some dramatic nature... read more

22 February 2017

Let's continue from Hualien along coast, including both of the parallel highways #9 and #11,  Green and Orchid Islands, and finally terminating in idyllic Kenting National Park. read more  

Taroko Gorge Taiwan


Shopping for ceramics in Yingge, Taiwan

29 February 2016

Taiwan produces some of the finest wulong teas in the world, and the more I learn about the different varieties and subtle differences between them, the more I find myself becoming obsessed with tea. read more

9 June 2016

Yingge is Taiwan's undisputed center of ceramics. For a country that is a great producer of quality, artisanal teas, that makes Yingge a sort of Mecca for tea enthusiasts who are searching for ideal teaware. read more  

Tea in Taiwan

12 April 2016

For years Wenshan Hot Spring was blocked with several fences; one in particular in a tunnel on the trail down from the highway was nearly impossible to get around. But now... read more

Wenshan hot spring, Taroko Gorge
Global Tea Hut, Taiwan

26 April 2016

The teas Global Tea Hut mails out are all organic and contributed by farmers that practice environmentally friendly growing methods. Many of them are “living teas,” which means... read more  

31 March 2016

When asking which part of Taiwan they should visit on their 1-2 week trip, there is no denying that the east coast boasts a vast, sparsely populated coastline of unparalleled beauty.  read more

Gorgeous East Coast Taiwan