50 Unmissable Things to Do in Taipei This Year

A super detailed Taipei travel guide for planning all types of travel to Taipei

Taiwan’s bustling, vivacious, food-loving capital has something for everyone. Whether you will travel to Taipei to indulge in the city’s complex history, creative arts, traditional temples, unrivaled nature, or perhaps you just eat your heart out at world-renowned night markets, this city’s got you covered. After living in Taipei for over a decade, there’s no …

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66 Unmissable Things to Do in Taiwan This Year

Hot air ballooning, one of the best things to do in in Taiwan!

Welcome to the ultimate Taiwan bucket list! Taiwan is a small country that packs in a seemingly unlimited number of awe-inspiring attractions, from the towering skyscrapers of Taipei to isolated aboriginal tribes on offshore islands. Here I’ve compiled my favorite things to do in Taiwan, all things I’ve personally done (most of them several times) …

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(2023) How to Get to Alishan from Taipei, Chiayi, Sun Moon Lake

Alishan, Taiwan

Alishan is one of Taiwan’s most popular attractions, along with Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge. It is famous for its sunrises over seas of clouds, cherry blossoms, misty forests, and high mountain teas. However, getting to Alishan, and getting around the park once you get there, IS COMPLICATED! So it’s something you should plan …

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Visiting Taipei and Taiwan in June 2023

June is the end of spring and beginning of summer in Taiwan. Temperatures and humidity soar to levels that you will may love or hate, depending on the person. Periods of intense sunlight are balanced with higher than average rainfall, often in the form of late afternoon downpours. The event of the month in June …

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Summer in Taiwan: Everything You Need to Know

A guide to spending summer in Taipei and summer in Taiwan

Summer in Taiwan is a season that I deeply loathe yet still look forward to every year when living in Taiwan. The summer weather in Taiwan is at its most extreme, with crushing heat, humidity, and a sprinkling of typhoons that wreak death and destruction on the island nation. Yet enduring a summer in Taiwan, …

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Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in May 2023

A detailed guide to visiting Taipei in May

Is May a good time to visit Taiwan? For starters, May is the peak of spring in Taiwan, with rising temperatures foreshadowing the summer heat that is just around the corner. May is usually warm, not too hot or too cold. However, the Plum Rain monsoon usually arrives in Taipei in the first half of …

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60+ Unmissable Landmarks in Taiwan

The most famous landmarks in Taiwan by category

When doing a Google search for Taiwan’s most famous landmarks, I was rather disappointed to find articles mentioning things like fireflies and hot springs. Clearly, the authors don’t know what the word “landmark” means. By definition, a landmark should be something very large, monumental, and visible from afar (that must be a very large firefly!) …

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25 Taipei Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

Indoor activities for rainy days in Taipei, Taiwan

Did you know that Taipei receives more than twice as much rain per year than Seattle, considered one of the rainiest cities in the United States? Rain is a part of life in the capital of Taiwan. When the rains come down, pedestrians pop open their umbrellas, scooter riders throw on their ponchos, and life …

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The Best Apps for Taiwan (travel, dating, food, shopping, & more!)

The best Taiwan apps for traveling, shopping, dating, food, and more

One of the most frequently asked questions about Taiwan I receive in my Taiwan Travel Planning group is: What apps should I download for Taiwan? Instead of answering this question again and again, I’ve put together this of Taiwan apps I always use, plus more that are regularly recommended by other travelers. I’ve categorizes these …

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How to Find a Private Driver or Guide in Taiwan

How to find a private guide or driver in Taiwan

I didn’t realize just how many people are looking for private drivers and private tour guides in Taiwan until I started my Taiwan Travel Planning group. It is definitely one of the most common FAQs about Taiwan. People in the group are constantly asking for private driver, car charter, and private guide recommendations. However, hiring …

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