A Day Trip to Yingge Old Street, Taiwan’s Pottery Capital

Yingge, Taiwan is the country’s undisputed center of pottery and ceramics, and one of the most interesting day trips from Taipei for anyone interested in ceramics and the arts. Taiwanese ceramics range from perfect renditions of ancient Chinese styles to creative, modern innovations. For a country that is one of the world’s great producers of …

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The Spiritual Art of Knife Massage in Ximen, Taipei

Chinese knife massage in Taipei, Taiwan

I’m navigating my way though Ximending, a shopping paradise for the young and trendy, to find Light Program Red House. Olivia Wu, an acquaintance of mine and also certified practitioner of knife massage (dao liao or刀療) and I Ching (yi jing or 易經) divination, has invited me to experience an ancient Chinese knife massage in …

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Quirky Xitou Monster Village in Nantou, Taiwan

Xitou Monster Village Nantou Taiwan

Quirky Japanese theme park? Cultural-historical oddity? Full-on tourist trap? Awesomely freaky place to spend the night? It’s hard to sum up the Xitou Monster Village (aka Nantou Monster Village) in just a few words, so you’ll have to read on below to find out exactly what on Earth it is. While difficult to define, and …

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Spring in Taiwan: Everything You Need to Know

A guide to Taiwan in April

Is spring a good time to visit Taiwan? Sure, why not? April is one of the best months of the year in terms of weather, and perhaps that is why it gets the second highest number of tourists of the year. May and June tend to get more rain due the Plum Rainy season, but …

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The Best Time to Visit Taipei City: An Insider’s Guide

A detailed guide to the best time to travel to Taipei and best month to visit Taipei

If you’re wondering when the best time to visit Taipei is, I’ve compiled this article to answer exactly that, based on my 10+ years of living in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei. This article is a Taipei-focused version of my when to visit Taiwan guide, which covers the whole country. Below, you’ll find links to individual …

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Visiting Global Tea Hut: Zen and the Art of Cha Dao

Global Tea Hut Taiwan

After I wrote an article introducing tea in Taiwan in 2016, I was contacted by representatives from several Taiwanese tea-related companies and organizations. One of these was Sam, one of three permanent residents at Global Tea Hut (國際茶亭)’s headquarters Tea Sage Hut (通聖亭) in Miaoli (苗栗), a small county capital in Central-Western Taiwan. At first …

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Wenshan Hot Spring: Taroko Gorge’s Spectacular Secret

Wenshan Hot Spring, Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

One of Taiwan’s hidden gems is Taroko Gorge‘s Wenshan Hot Spring (文山溫泉, also sometimes spelled Wunshan Hot Spring or Taroko National Park Hot Springs), located in Xiulin township of visually stunning Hualien County. The awe-inspiring scenery, hidden location within a famous national park, and relative inaccessibility of this Hualien hot spring make it, in my …

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The Grand Hyatt Taipei Kids Glamping Experience

Kids glamping experience at Grand Hyatt Taipei

It was with great excitement that Lavender (3), Sage (5), my wife Emily, and I packed our bags and hopped into a yellow cab in from our neighborhood in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Our destination: Grand Hyatt Taipei (see on Agoda / Booking / Klook / official site), Taiwan’s original (and largest!) five-star resort, for …

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Visiting Lion’s Head Mountain and Nanzhuang Old Street in Taiwan

Lion’s Head Mountain (also known as Shitoushan or 獅頭山) is one of the most underrated attractions in Taiwan. Whether you enjoy hiking, are interested in Taiwan’s Buddhist and folk religious culture, want to spend a night in a temple, or simply want to get off the beaten track in Taiwan, Lion’s Head Mountain should be …

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Finding Peace at the Museum of World Religions Taipei

Museum of World Religions Taipei

Museums have never really been my thing. I lived in Taipei for five years before I ever stepped foot in the National Palace Museum, one of the most important museums in the Chinese-speaking world. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the comparatively small Museum of World Religions Taipei (世界宗教博物館), the only …

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