A Detailed Taichung Itinerary for 1-3 Days

How to spend one day in Taichung (or 2 days in Taichung, 3 days in Taichung)

Central Taiwan’s largest city, Taichung, has in recent years been taking over as one of the country’s most popular places to visit. For those who love art, history, culture, street food, quirky sights, and Instagram-worthy treats, Taichung has so much to offer. If you’ve already read my list of 20 unique things to do in …

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Where to Go in Japan in Winter

Things to do in Japan in winter

This post was written by Robert Schrader of Japan Starts Here. Most travelers dream of visiting Japan amid the sakura of spring or the blazing colors of autumn, yet where to go in Japan in winter is not a topic that comes up often. In addition to being one of Japan’s most beautiful seasons, however, …

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Where to Stay in Taipei: An Insider’s Guide

Wondering where to stay in Taipei? Here's a guide to the best Taipei hotels

One of the hardest parts of planning a trip to a huge city like Taipei is choosing a hotel. This is certainly the case when trying to decide where to stay in Taipei! Unlike some major Asian cities, Taipei doesn’t really have a backpacker’s neighborhood, nor does it have one particular area that sounds out …

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Gamcheon Culture Village: A Paradise for Instagrammers

If you’re looking for the perfect setting for ultra cute and vibrantly colorful Instagram shots, Gamcheon Culture Village is ideal, with its polychromatic (that’s fancy talk for rainbow-colored) background juxtaposed with deep blue sky and ocean in the background. Whether you Instagram or not, Gamcheon Culture Village is a must for anyone who is interested …

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An Insider’s Taiwan Itinerary for 1, 2, or 3 weeks

View of Sun Moon Lake, a necessary stop on any Taiwan itinerary

One of the most common questions I get from my readers is how to plan the perfect Taiwan travel itinerary. It’s a common story: people don’t know too much about Taiwan, they look at the map and see that it’s a pretty small country, so they think 7 days in Taiwan will be enough. Once …

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11 Jaw-Dropping Temples in Busan, South Korea

A guide to the best temples in Busan, South Korea

South Korea’s second city and largest port, Busan, is home to a surprisingly impressive array of breathtaking temples. Busan’s temples are a varied lot, from sea-facing temple complexes to ancient mountain retreats with Buddhas carved into cliff walls, and everything in between. For this reason, temples are surely one of the things South Korea is …

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7 Geeky Things to Do in Akihabara, the Tech Capital of Japan

Things to do in Akihabara, Tokyo

Anyone with a passion for technology should be aware of Akihabara; the buzzing central-Tokyo district is sometimes even called the “tech capital of the world,” and unsurprisingly the best things to do in Akihabara revolve around tech and otaku (“geek”, or manga and anime lovers) culture. As one of Tokyo’s most famous and distinct neighborhoods, …

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Our Incredible Osaka Cherry Blossoms Experience

The best places to see cherry blossoms in Osaka

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to go to Japan to see the sakura (cherry blossoms). This fleeting phenomenon comes only once a year, transforming temples, parks, and even ordinary streets across Japan into masterpieces of art. This dreamy display welcomes the spring season and reminds of the transient nature of beauty …

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