How to Spend 3 Awesome Days in Taipei

Taipei in 3 days, Taipei 3 day itinerary

So you’ve booked your trip to Taiwan, decided on the best time to travel to Taipei, and now you’re wondering how to plan your Taipei 3 day itinerary? Well, you’ve come to the right spot! Spending three days in Taipei is just the right amount of time if you’re visiting Taiwan for 1-2 weeks. It’s …

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How to Spend 2 Awesome Days in Taipei

Two days in Taipei itinerary

So you’ve booked your trip to Taiwan, figured out the best time to go, and you’ve planned for two days in Taipei. Good! 48 hours in Taipei is really the bare minimum you need to squeeze in the best of this mesmerizing, food-obsessed, traditional-meets-modern capital city. If you want to add day trips, though, I …

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33 Surprising Facts about Taiwan

fun and interesting facts about taiwan

If you’ve spent any time on my website, you may have noticed that I’ve got a whole lot of content about Taiwan, where I’ve lived for over a decade. I thought it would be fun to put together this list of fun facts about Taiwan. This is actually a modified and more fun version of …

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40 Day Trips from Taipei You Can’t Miss

While 40 Taipei day trips may seem excessive, I swear to you that all of them are awesome! Whether you want to go hiking, hit the beach, soak in some of Taiwan’s incredible hot springs, see cherry blossoms, go on a Taiwanese food tour, or explore historic Japanese-era villages, there is definitely a perfect day …

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A Detailed Hualien Itinerary for 1-4 Days

Most people visit remote Hualien on the wild and stunning east coast of Taiwan to visit Taroko Gorge. But Hualien has so much more to offer! If you’ve already had a look at my 40 recommended things to do in Hualien, you may be overwhelmed with choices. That’s why I’ve taken the best of the …

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40 Unmissable Things to Do in Hualien, Taiwan

Few people visit Hualien without falling completely in love with it. The vast east coast county is beloved for its wild scenery (including the star attraction, Taroko Gorge) and adventure activities. It is the largest county in Taiwan, though one of the least populated, and homeland of the Amis, the country’s largest aboriginal tribe. Spend …

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An Easy Taichung Itinerary for 1, 2, or 3 Days

How to spend one day in Taichung (or 2 days in Taichung, 3 days in Taichung)

Central Taiwan’s largest city, Taichung, is one of the country’s most compelling places to visit. For those who love art, history, culture, street food, quirky sights, and Instagram-worthy hot spots, Taichung has much to offer. If you’ve already read my list of unique things to do in Taichung, you may be wondering how to put …

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Wulai Hot Spring & Old Street: A 2023 Guide

Wulai Hot Spring in Wulai, Taiwan

Wulai (烏來, Tayal language: Ulay, which means ‘hot spring’) is the largest district of New Taipei City, but only has around 6000 residents, by far the lowest population density. Officially the only “mountain indigenous district” of New Taipei City, it is home to the closest aboriginal Taiwanese village to Taipei City. There are many reasons …

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Miaoli: Fun Things to Do in Taiwan’s Hakka County

Things to do in Miaoli Taiwan

Miaoli is a mountainous county in northern central Taiwan, between Hsinchu and Taichung. Foreign tourists seldom include it on their travel itinerary for Taiwan because none of the things to do in Miaoli ever make it onto “must-do in Taiwan” lists (although I put three Miaoli attractions on my list of best things to do …

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