Thailand vs. Taiwan: What’s the Difference?

Thailand or Taiwan: which should you visit? And what's the difference between them?

Having lived, worked, and traveled extensively in both Taiwan and Thailand, I’m writing this article to make some subjective and objective comparisons between them. My wife is Taiwanese, I’ve lived in Taiwan for over a decade, and our kids have been born and raised there. But whenever we travel to my home in Canada or …

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Strawberry Picking at a Strawberry Farm in Dahu, Taiwan

Little girl picking strawberries in Dahu, Miaoli, Taiwan

All across Taiwan, Dahu (大湖) is practically synonymous with strawberries. Every winter, plump, juicy, bright red strawberries from Dahu township in Miaoli County make their appearance in fruit markets around the country, with the best ones fetching high prices. But for the best Taiwanese strawberry experience, nothing beats going right to the heartland of strawberry …

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The Stunning Qigu Salt Mountain and Jingzijiao Wapan Salt Fields in Tainan

Taiwan Jingzijiao Salt Field and Cigu Salt Mountain Tainan

For some 338 years (1664 to 2002), large quantities of salt were produced in the coastal regions of Tainan and Chiayi in southern Taiwan. Today, Cigu Salt Mountain (七股鹽山) stands as a testament to Taiwan’s salt-producing past. Visitors can climb to the top of it, then head to nearby Qigu Salt Museum (臺灣鹽博物館) to learn …

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The Stunning East Coast of Taiwan Part 2: Hualien to Taitung and Kenting

The east coast of Taiwan is a remote region of unparalleled beauty and the perfect place for a Taiwan road trip. In Part 1 of this guide, I covered the popular Yilan County and Hualien City regions, including Taroko Gorge, the east coast’s most famous attraction.  In this post, we will continue our road trip …

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Fo Guang Shan, Kaohsiung: How to Visit and Stay at Taiwan’s Largest Monastery

Painting of Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum and Fo Guang Big Buddha

Fo Guang Shan (佛光山 or Foguangshan) is one of the four large Buddhist organizations in Taiwan. The order’s headquarters, Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan, is one of Taiwan’s top attractions and most popular places to visit in Kaohsiung. The enormous, sprawling Fo Guang Shan Temple complex more than doubled in size with …

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35 Southeast Asian Temples You Have to See in Your Lifetime

Introducing some of the most beautiful Asian temples located in Southeast Asia

One of the most enticing draws of Southeast Asia is the abundance of mesmerizingly gorgeous temples dotting the landscape. Shimmering with gold, dominating cityscapes, beckoning the masses to devotion – Southeast Asian temples are testaments the region’s rich colonial history, cultural diversity, religious syncretism, and piousness of its people.    In this article I have …

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Autumn in Taiwan: Everything You Need to Know

Is autumn a good time to visit Taiwan? I would say that it’s not just good. In fact, it is my favorite season of the year to be living in Taiwan. Fall is Taiwan is characterized by pleasant, warm to cool weather and blue skies. There is little chance of rain, and it’s the perfect …

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A Day Trip to Yingge Old Street, Taiwan’s Pottery Capital

Yingge, Taiwan is the country’s undisputed center of pottery and ceramics, and one of the most interesting day trips from Taipei for anyone interested in ceramics and the arts. Taiwanese ceramics range from perfect renditions of ancient Chinese styles to creative, modern innovations. For a country that is one of the world’s great producers of …

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The Spiritual Art of Knife Massage in Ximen, Taipei

Chinese knife massage in Taipei, Taiwan

I’m navigating my way though Ximending, a shopping paradise for the young and trendy, to find Light Program Red House. Olivia Wu, an acquaintance of mine and also certified practitioner of knife massage (dao liao or刀療) and I Ching (yi jing or 易經) divination, has invited me to experience an ancient Chinese knife massage in …

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