A Guide to Dulan, Taitung: Taiwan’s Coolest Beach Hangout

Dulan Beach Taitung Taiwan

If you’re traveling down Highway 11 on Taiwan’s east coast from Hualien to Taitung looking for good surf, want to hang out with artists, or just seeking an antidote to nearby Kenting’s resort scene, Dulan is your spot. Dulan is located in a remote and very beautiful corner of Taiwan, but even from Taipei, you …

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Cycling Brown Boulevard in Chishang, Taitung

Cycling on Brown Boulevard in Chishang, Taitung

Chishang (池上 or Ikegami in the local aboriginal language) is a rural township in northern Taitung, a remote but highly scenic county in the southeastern corner of Taiwan. Chishang features quintessential East Rift Valley scenery, with picturesque rice paddies between the inland and coastal mountain ranges, making it one of the most beautiful places to …

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30 Incredible Things to Do in Taitung, the Rice Basket of Taiwan

The best things to do in Taitung and other Taitung attractions

Remote Taitung (台東 or Taidong) in the southeastern corner of Taiwan is a region of stunning beauty, especially along the coast and the inland East Rift Valley. Picture deserted beaches, colorful hot springs, and vistas of rice paddies backed by mountains – now you’re in Taitung. Taitung was one of the last regions of Taiwan …

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A Taiwan Itinerary for 1, 2, or 3 weeks (Slow & Fast Options!)

View of Sun Moon Lake, a necessary stop on any Taiwan itinerary

One of the most common questions I get from my readers is how to plan the perfect Taiwan travel itinerary. It’s a common story: people look at the map of Taiwan and see that it’s a pretty small country. So they think 7 days in Taiwan will be enough. Once they start planning their trip, …

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Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in April 2023

A detailed guide to visiting Taipei in April and Taiwan in April

April is one of my favorite months of the year in Taiwan. Spring in Taiwan has finally arrived! This means warm weather but not yet overbearingly hot, while in the south of Taiwan, it can already feel like summer. It’s the perfect time for hiking, and ideal weather if you’re visiting Taiwan with kids. The …

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50+ Fun Things to Do in Yilan, Taiwan

Find 40 things to do in Yilan in this detailed guide to Yilan Taiwan

Yilan County is the 5th largest of Taiwan’s 13 counties and home to about half a million people. It is located in the northeast of Taiwan. Most of the things to do in Yilan are located on the rice-paddy-covered Yilan (Lanyang) Plain, where the main towns of Jiaoxi, Yilan City, and Luodong are located. South …

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Visiting Taipei & Taiwan in March 2023

A guide to visiting Taipei in March and Taiwan in March

The month of March is a pleasantly low-key time to visit Taiwan. Everyone is back to work after the Lunar New Year holiday, and there are no national holidays in Taiwan in March to disrupt your travel plans. March is a transitional month between winter in Taiwan and spring in Taiwan. Lingering chilly weather and …

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