Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner, a book by Nick Kembel about traveling and teaching English in Taiwan

is an account of Nick Kembel's first two years of  traveling and teaching English in Taiwan. The book is 100% bilingual, in English and traditional Mandarin, and was translated by his (now) wife, Emily Cheng. It includes over 100 color photos, poetry, and illustrations by Kembel's sister and professional Canadian artist, Leanne Kembel.  

The chapters of the book are presented chronologically according to Taiwanese history, from geological formation to modern cultural phenomena such as cosplay, poo-themed restaurants, and betel nut girls, with an emphasis on Kembel's personal connection to each element of Taiwan's past and present as he has experienced it.

The book seeks to explain the (many) benefits and (few) challenges faced by a (white, male) foreigner with roots as a punk rocker hailing from the icy prairies of Western Canada.

The book has been praised by locals and expats alike as both informative and inspiring. It has also been recommended by Lonely Planet Taiwan author Joshua Samuel Brown, Vogue magazine Taiwan, and Randy Chiang, Director of Economic Development, New Taipei City Government.

Buy directly from the author now, and 20% of all book proceeds will be donated to the Salaam Baalak Trust, a non-profit organization helping street kids in India.

Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner (老外愛台灣)

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